How to check EPF Balance Through SMS

EPF is one of the major organization run under the rules of GOVT. PF stands for Provident Fund which has been established by the Govt so that employees can take care of themselves during unemployment. When you are working for an organization where the company deducts 12% of your salary, each month goes to the provident fund organization, so that they can help you when you are not working and looking for a job.


Did you know that you can keep an eye on the PF and keep a track on the funds so that you know where the deducted funds are transferred show you how you can keep track of the PF balance via message.

How to check EPF Balance Through SMS

EPFO is the organization which is taking responsibility for your funds. As we know that every day many services around the world are going digital and EPFO does want to keep up with the trend as well. EPFO has improved their services and added new options for the subscribers and pensioners.

Did you know that you can keep a track on the PF account with a message and the organization will send you a text with the balance info and UAN account info every month.

This service will allow you to check your Account Information every day and at any time. Let’s assume that you have received a salary in your account and you have noticed extra amount deduction, but the manager says the amount has been transferred to the PF account then you can check and confirm it.

How To Check PF Account With SMS?

SMS Format — EPFOHO UAN LAN to be sent to 77382 99899 from your registered mobile number.

So now you need to make sure that you are using the registered number. Let’s begin.

  • Go to your smartphone message center.
  • Create a new message.
  • Then type “EPFOHO (UAN  Number) LAN,” make sure that the UAN number is right.
  • Then send it to 7738-2998-99.
  • You will get a response from the server within 4 minutes.

EPFO-Language Codes: If you are someone whose native language is Hindi, Telugu or any other can receive SMS in that language.

  • For English – ENG, Hindi – HIN,
  • For Bengali – BEN, Gujarati – GUJ,
  • For Marathi – MAR, Malayalam – MAL,
  • For Kannada – KAN, Punjabi – PUN,
  • Tamil – TAM, Telugu – TEL.

 EPF Balance Check: Missed Call Service

Sometimes sending an SMS might not work out for few people, so for those who are unable to get a response SMS or unable send SMS can use this process to track your UAN account balance. By calling the PF organization using your smartphone can help you know your account balance. Let’s begin the process.

  • Go to your smartphone dial up,
  • Enter the phone number0112-2901-406,
  • Now call the number, sometimes lines are busy, or you might get an error.
  • Ensure that you are calling from your registered number.
  • End of the process, you will know your account balance.


In case, if none of the above methods work out for you. You can contact the customer support of the organization – 1800118005.